WARNING: I’m gonna blog about the Royal Wedding

royal wedding

Oh how exciting the big day is just around the corner!

I’m actually really looking forward to the royal wedding, though I know a LOT of people are not so bothered, in fact I think it’s  fair to say they are sick of people like me going on about the whole thing. I’m a die hard romantic, I love anything to do with weddings, I loved organising my own wedding, it was so exciting,  But do you know what, I bet all the people that say their not gonna watch WILL, though thinking about it, I doubt there will be anything but the royal wedding on the telly as all channels will be broadcasting “the event of the year”.

The thing I’m most looking forward to seeing is….. , Yep you guessed it….what Victoria Beckham will be wearing, I wonder if she’ll be wearing a hat?….. Oh and obviously what Kate’s bridal dress is like and how she’ll be wearing her wedding hair & make-up, apparently she is wearing her hair “100% down & floaty” no matter how she has it she’ll look amazingly beautiful.

I’m predicting her luxurious shiny locks will inspire millions of brides to be for their special days, so on that matter I’m secretly glad she’s decided on a comfy relaxed style as I shall no doubt be
re-creating it for this years wedding season. icon smile WARNING: Im gonna blog about the Royal Wedding

I really hope that Kate enjoys her day, I kinda feel sorry for her in a way as every inch of her will be scrutinised and analysed by beauty/fashion press which must be a massive & overwhelming pressure to deal with, on top of your normal wedding day nerves, but the person I feel more sorry for is poor William, the stress is not gonna be helping his hair loss situation, he needs to either get a hair transplant like Jason Gardener ( dancing on ice judge) or shave it all OFF….. that’s what I had to do to my hubby (shave, not transplant), because he couldn’t deal with the stresses of getting married to me.

William must envy his brother Harry for his hair, he’s got a good head of hair on him, and apparently girls much prefer Harry over William now, since Williams balding started (poor bloke),
I heard that there are t-shirts flying about with “don’t worry girls Harry’s still available” printed on them which made me smile icon smile WARNING: Im gonna blog about the Royal Wedding I mean seriously who in there right mind would want to be married to a prince?? (ME, ME, ME,)

Anyway I’m going to be getting into the spirit of things and celebrating the royal wedding with a English garden tea party with family & friends, where having cucumber sandwiches, Victoria sponge, iced tea & cloudy lemonade topped of with union jack bunting and waving flags icon smile WARNING: Im gonna blog about the Royal Wedding

I’m hoping that how-ever you decide to spend your bank holiday whether it be a 3 day drinking bender, a garden party / BBQ or dying your hair red, white & blue that you all have a right royal good time.


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