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stressed bride My Bridal Hair TipsCongratulations on your engagement, now you can start planning the wedding!

You and the rest of your chosen bridal party need to start planning NOW on taking good care of your hair….getting your hair into tip top condition can take up to 6 months, so start by having regular trims & conditioning treatments and using good hair products.

Plan your hairstyle with your hairdresser in advance, making sure that it will complement your wedding dress,  and that any hair accessories that you are planning to incorporate are available for your hair trials.

you can arrange to have a trial practice on the morning of one of your dress fittings to put your mind at rest, and to see how all that  planning looks when it comes together.

Get your bridesmaids to have an input on how they would like to wear their hair on the day, some ladies don’t feel comfortable with there hair up or put into certain styles, and its a nice way of getting them involved. once a style has been decided for each bridesmaid get a trial practice booked for them with your hairdresser.  I would also advise that no experimental haircuts or colours to be tried out until after the wedding, just keep to what you know suits you.

If you colour your hair, have your roots topped up about 2 weeks / week before the wedding, depending on how fast your hair grows, this would be a great time to have a final conditioning treatment and hair trim too, another nice treatment to have is a clear gloss applied to your hair which creates a gorgeous shine, and helps to seal in your colour.

Now I always recommend that if your decided style is to be an up-do on your special day to wash your hair the morning before or earlier if you can stand to,  this makes life a little easier for your hairdresser.  But if your wearing it down then the night before is fine, dry roughly with a hairdryer, but a definite no-no to straightening it, this makes it impossible to style into anything other than a flat straight style, so unless that’s the look you and your hairdresser has agreed upon, keep them away from your hair.

Don’t rule out the use of hair extensions for your hair style, most of my brides have had some sort of hair piece incorporated into their style to give them more length, thickness or to help bulk out the style, and you would never know that it’s not their own hair,  so if you have only managed to grow your hair a few inches and you have your heart set on a certain style, always run it by your hairdresser, don’t settle for what you think you can only have.

If your wedding dress is strapless then you can try up or down hairstyles, both will suit.
If you have a high neck line or a lot of detailing through the back of your dress then I recommend a up-do so you see all the detail clearly. A short style or bobbed haircut would be nice with this type of wedding dress.

If you have decided on an up-do but are not quite sure on how you want it styling then a classic chignon or pleat or even a low bun are all timeless classics that never date and suit almost anyone.  I suggest to try a few style’s out even if you think that you wouldn’t suit it just try,  you might be surprised.

When it comes to the day of the wedding, its a good idea to wear a buttoned down shirt/top or boob tube, something easily removable that doesn’t need to be took over your head, or you run the risk of potentially ruining all your hairdressers hard work,  if possible have a room where you have your hair & make-up done that is away from the stresses and noise of everyone else, you want to be able to close the door and relax into getting pampered, this will help with calming your nerves.

I think lastly is to enjoy every minute icon smile My Bridal Hair Tips

Victoria xx

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