Mobile Hair Stylist tips for keeping your hair healthyhair coming out when brusing

hair coming out when brusing

Has your hair got some health issues?

Besides seeing your mobile hairdresser on a regular basis to help keep your hair in tip top condition, you could also consider a little vitamin help.

With everyone’s busy lives it’s difficult to keep our diet healthy & vitamin packed, it’s vital for us to have good nutrition, not only to maintain proper body functions, it’s also important to aid healthy hair growth.  Our hair needs vitamins, proteins & amino acids to keep it strong enough to withstand all the heat & chemically changes we put it through, a lack in these essentials will inevitably cause dull & easily broken hair & in some serious cases hair thinning.
Below I’ve listed some vitamins that can help promote healthy hair.

WARNING::  it is important that before you start any vitamin program to check doses with your doctor first as it may cause adverse reactions to your personal health.

  • Vitamin A – This vitamin is an antioxidant that helps produce healthy sebum in the scalp
  • Vitamin C – It is an antioxidant that helps maintain skin & hair health
  • Vitamin E – This vitamin is an antioxidant that enhances scalp circulation
  • Biotin – This vitamin produces keratin that prevents hair loss and hair greying. may prevent greying and hair loss
  • Inositol – This vitamin keeps hair follicles healthy at the cellular level
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) – This vitamin allows scalp blood circulation.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – This prevents greying and hair loss
  • Vitamin B6 – It prevents hair loss and helps create melanin that gives hair its colour
  • Vitamin B12 – It prevents hair loss
Naturally these vitamins are found in many food sources.
Apparently it can take unto a month for your vitamins to be absorbed & enter your system, then hopefully you should notice great hair growth, healthy scalp conditions and best of all shiny luscious locks.
If you would like to discuss keeping your hair healthy and you live in Liverpool, please contact your mobile hairdresser today icon smile Mobile Hair Stylist tips for keeping your hair healthyhair coming out when brusing
Victoria xx
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